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Looks aren’t everything, but they do matter. Each time you meet a new coworker, friend, or someone you look up to, your smile is the first feature they see. At Glow Dental Spa in Wayne, New Jersey, you can make sure your smile is perfect and ready to greet others with cosmetic dentistry services from Behshad Ahkami, DDS. To get started with veneers, whitening, or a whole smile makeover, book a cosmetic dentistry consultation by phone or online at Glow Dental Spa today.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

What is cosmetic dentistry?

The field of dentistry can be split into two subsets: general and cosmetic. General dental services focus on servicing your teeth to improve their function while cosmetic dental services aim to improve their form. 

While you might see some improvements in the way your jaw fits together thanks to cosmetic dentistry, the main goal is to ensure that your smile looks appealing.

At Glow Dental Spa, Dr. Ahkami knows the importance of being confident in the way your smile looks. To help you achieve a smile that makes you proud, the team offers cosmetic dental services to make the adjustments that you need for a gorgeous smile. 


What imperfections can cosmetic dentistry fix?

Nearly any issue that you have with your smile’s outward appearance can be fixed with a cosmetic procedure. In fact, you might have several options to choose from for one small fix.

Common appearance-related complaints cosmetic dental services can fix include:

Chips and cracks on your teeth

Broken teeth

Tooth stains and discoloration

Crooked teeth or misalignment

Short teeth

Large gaps between your teeth


When you arrive at your consultation, simply describe your concerns to Dr. Ahkami. He examines the shape, size, and positioning of your teeth to identify the best approach to fixing them. 


What cosmetic dental procedures can I get?

When it comes to fixing your smile’s appearance, you have many options. Some treatments take just one or two quick visits to Glow Dental Spa while others involve complex processes spanning across months. 

Dr. Ahkami can give you more information about cosmetic dental services including:

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple in-office or at-home treatment that improves your teeth’s natural ivory color and luster. Dr. Ahkami creates custom whitening trays that fit over your smile perfectly. With the Zoom!® whitening system, you can brighten your teeth up to eight shades in a single session.


You can think of veneers like masks for your teeth. They’re custom-made porcelain covers that fit over the fronts of your teeth to improve their shape, size, or color.


Invisalign is the choice alternative to traditional braces. The system includes custom plastic aligners that fit over your teeth and slowly move them into a straight, pristine position.

Smile makeovers

If your smile needs more than one treatment for a better appearance, Dr. Ahkami may be able to combine several treatments in a single office visit to make you look your best while minimizing downtime.

Your smile plays a big role in defining your face and demeanor. To revamp its appearance, book a cosmetic dentistry consultation by phone or online at Glow Dental Spa today.

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