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A single missing or damaged tooth could make a big impact on your appearance and your ability to bite down. In the worst cases, a problem tooth can leave your other teeth vulnerable to their own damage. At Glow Dental Spa in Wayne, New Jersey, Behshad Ahkami, DDS, crafts custom crowns using quality materials that mimic real teeth. To start the process of replacing or restoring a tooth with a dental crown, book an appointment by phone or online at Glow Dental Spa today.

Dental Crowns Q & A

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are caps that fit over your teeth. Dr. Ahkami makes them using strong materials like ceramic, porcelain, or metal to protect and reinforce your tooth, often saving it from extraction. Additionally, they can be placed over dental implants to fill a gap if you’ve already lost the tooth.

Dr. Ahkami ensures that your crown looks like your natural tooth in its shape and size. He also matches the color if you’re opting for a tooth-colored crown for a visible tooth near the front of your mouth. 

When are dental crowns necessary?

Dental crowns can strengthen teeth that are weak due to decay or simply to improve a tooth’s appearance. If a dental crown is an option for your treatment, Dr. Ahkami informs you of exactly how it helps.

Common purposes for dental crowns include:

  • Strengthening a tooth with worn-down enamel
  • Restructuring a broken tooth
  • Strengthening a tooth after a root canal
  • Holding a dental bridge in place
  • Covering a dental implant abutment
  • Improving the shape, size, or color of an irregular tooth

Dr. Ahkami selects the material for your crown based on its position in your mouth. Metals are best used for molars since they need lots of strength for chewing and biting. 

Ceramic and porcelain are still strong, and their tooth-like opacity and color look great covering front teeth to blend into your smile.

What is the process for getting dental crowns?

Getting dental crowns is a straightforward process at Glow Dental Spa. Dr. Ahkami starts by removing any existing decay from your tooth. Then, he removes the outer layers from your tooth to make room for a crown to fit over it. 

Next, he takes an impression of your reduced tooth. This allows him to craft a durable crown using the Cerec® machine that fits over your tooth seamlessly and comfortably. You may sit comfortably in the waiting room while the machine generates your new crowns.

Once your crown is finished, Dr. Ahkami makes sure it looks natural. Once you and Dr. Ahkami are happy with its appearance, he cements it onto your tooth where it stays permanently.

Problematic teeth make you vulnerable to the need for more dental work. To restructure or restore a tooth with a custom dental crown, call Glow Dental Spa or book a consultation online today.